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Mission Statement

The mission of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy is to equip students in a Christ-centered, Bible-based environment for a life of significance.


School Philosophy

A. Hillcrest, as a Christ-centered Bible-based environment:

1) Believes in God, the Father and Creator; in Jesus Christ, the only Son of God; and in the Holy 
Spirit presently active in the world.
2) Believes the Bible is the infallible and inspired Word of God; the foundation and final authority 
for faith, doctrine and conduct.
3) Affirms the biblical view that every person is created in the image of God, is separated from 
God through inherited and actual sin, and can only be restored through faith in the redemptive 
work and person of Jesus Christ.
4) Agrees with the foundational doctrines taught by the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. 
5) Welcomes students of other church affiliations and religious beliefs to learn in this Christ-centered Bible-based environment.

B. Hillcrest sees a life of significance for its students when:

1) Their ultimate meaning is found in God’s creative and redemptive love for them.
2) They realize, develop and use their gifts and abilities humbly for the glory of God and the good 
of others.
3) They engage their world as servant leaders with God’s gifts of mercy, grace and compassion.
4) They submit to God’s design for moral integrity, respect for authority, civic responsibility, 
discipline, and accountability in their lives and communities.
5) They are able to discern, share and live out biblical truths.
6) They seek excellence and truth in order to make a difference now and throughout their lives.
7) They recognize their skills, abilities, potential and vision have worth and influence in vocation.

C. Hillcrest equips its students for a life of significance in these ways:

1) Hillcrest collaborates with home and church in the Christian education of its students.
2) Hillcrest equips students through their overall “Hillcrest experience,” including school culture, 
residential life, cross-cultural relationships, and instructor mentorship. Having the theological 
resources of the Lutheran Brethren Seminary on the same campus provides an added benefit. 
3) Hillcrest equips every student with a comprehensive understanding of the Word of God 
through Bible classes and in its entire curriculum.
4) Hillcrest instills a Christian worldview in its students through all academic disciplines.
5) Hillcrest provides a holistic educational environment, including the fine arts, athletics and 
service clubs.
6) Hillcrest, as a college preparatory school, stresses academic rigor and the pursuit of post-high 
school education.
7) Students are taught to view every trip off campus as a missional opportunity. 
8) Hillcrest faculty and staff function as mentors as they lead by example and coach students in 
all areas of life. This includes helping students determine significant objectives for their lives.
9) Hillcrest instructors expose students to a realistic view of other standards and philosophies 
even though they may be in conflict with the Christian worldview.
10) Hillcrest provides, encourages, and creates an excitement for learning that is lived out among 
the faculty, staff, and students.
11) Hillcrest provides the unique aspect of residential life for high school students, where the 
goals of the home, church, and school are supported and reinforced.

HLA Board of Directors January 17-18, 2014 Last printed, 01/10/14




A. To give every student a sound foundation in the Word of God. We believe that in the teaching of the Christian faith, we must recognize the admonition of scripture: "Test everything; hold fast to what is good." (1 Thes. 5:21). Therefore, we encourage students to think with as much integrity and rigor in matters of faith as in other academic disciplines.

B. To challenge every student to perform at their highest level.

C. To encourage students in their private lives to actively use their talents and abilities in spreading the gospel and furthering the work of the kingdom of God.

D. To provide quality Christian education that engages the heart and mind.


Moral & Ethical Standards

One of the objectives of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy is to foster a mature and intelligent respect for and an adherence to accepted moral and ethical standards. It is essential that all Hillcrest Lutheran Academy students understand that in addition to the following guidelines governing behavior at HLA, the local, state and federal laws of the land are to be obeyed.


School Strategic Plan

Hillcrest Academy Strategic Plan Document