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Armin Jahr | Head of Science Dept.

Science Courses

Science 7

This course is a combination of Science and Health.  Students are introduced to the scientific method and apply it as they study soil science, plants, anatomy, and zoology.

Science 8

This course is a combination of Science and Health.  Students study God’s physical creation through a close look at the motions of the universe, astronomy, oceanography, and geology.

Physical Science

This course is a study of matter and energy, forces and motion, machines, atomic structure, chemical bonds, solutions and waves, sounds and other units that will be covered in depth in later science courses.  The approach of this course emphasizes everyday application of physical laws.   Hands on activities in the laboratory are included to reinforce classrooms instruction.


Biology is the study of life systems.  The content is taught from a Christian perspective, which marvels at God's creative design in all of life's diversity.  This course gives an overview of the fundamentals of biology, including taxonomy, cellular biology, genetics, animal and plant forms and functions, anatomy and physiology, and ecosystems.  The class incorporates labs, field work and dissections for a hands-on biology experience.

Honors Biology

This course is a detailed study of the living world.  This class covers the topics of regular Biology, but is taught at an accelerated pace with a greater emphasis on student projects and discussion.


Pre-Requisite: Physical Science, Algebra 1, Biology is recommended.

Chemistry is the study of matter: its properties, interactions and formations.  This class provides an overview of the discipline of chemistry, relating chemical models to real world substances.  Topics include atomic structure, bonding, measurements & formulas, reactions, stoichiometry, gas laws and an introduction to organic chemistry.  Concepts are reinforced through labs.

Honors Chemistry

Pre-Requisite: Physical Science, Algebra 1, Biology is recommended.

This is an accelerated class similar to regular Chemistry with an emphasis on preparation for college-level courses.


Pre-Requisite: Physical Science, Algebra 1,  Geometry is strongly recommended.

Physics is the study of the interaction of time, matter and space.  It is the foundational to art, the sciences, technology, engineering, robotics, computer applications and life.  The class is based on group projects and hands-on experiences alternating with concept development to achieve three goals: 1) gain problem-solving skills within a team context, 2) gain a strong conceptual understanding of physics, 3) become highly proficient at applying physical models to predict real-life outcomes.  Topics covered include Newtonian physics, kinetics, energy, waves, sound, light, magnetism, electricity and an introduction to quantum physics.


"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."  Genesis 1:1 

This seminar-styled course investigates the physical world and universe God has blessed us with.  It is a unique class requiring a high level of maturity on the part of the students.  Students are required to research and develop inspiring presentations on topics related to earth, space and sky.  Presentations include multi-media shows, hands-on experiments, written reports and peer-led quizzes.