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Morning Son Mentorship

The Morning Son mentorship program occurs within the school day under the auspices of the Local Missions class. This is a full year course where students study a basic overview of Biblically-based servant-hood. 


Mission Minneapolis

The Mission Minneapolis opportunity occurs approximately 1 weekend per month. This mission trip takes students into the inner-city of Minneapolis with a church working to do outreach to their community. Students come alongside the church and build strong relationships with the parishioners as they partner in outreach and communication of the Gospel to the inner-city.


Dominican Republic Trip (Seniors)

The Sr. Class Dominican trip will be November 18th - 24th. This trip prepares students for their next step following high school by placing them in challenging environments where they must communicate the Gospel clearly and succinctly. 


Chicago Study and Mission (Juniors)

The Jr. Class Study-and-Mission trip will be in November. These students will be traveling throughout Chicago visiting secular museums. They will take a short time of briefing at the Creation Science museum before going out to the streets of Chicago and engaging the world with the questions of origins as they set out to communicate the Gospel. Students will be trained to answer the big questions of life as they're prepared with the hard questions that will come at them in the secular universities. Students will be challenged to step-out of their comfort-zones for the sake of the Gospel and will be called to engage intellectuals in conversation to the Glory of Jesus Christ.