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Mathematics Courses

Math 87 – 7th grade

Pre-Requisite:  Math 76 desired but not required

This course is an entry-level Math course focusing on concrete mathematical applications.

Algebra .5 - 8th grade

Pre-Requisite: Math 87 or placement test.

This is a pre-algebra class that covers topics such as ratios, proportions, percents, scientific notation, algebraic expressions, solving linear equations, some geometry, and discrete mathematics.

Algebra 1 - 8th or 9th grade

Pre-Requisite: Algebra .5 or placement test
Topics will include geometric formulas, perimeter, area, volume, order of operations, multiplication and division polynomials, factoring, exponential, and rational expressions, system of linear equations, graphing linear equations, quadratic equations, uniform motion, probability, and functions.

Geometry - 9th or 10th grade

Pre-Requisite: Algebra 1 (Algebra 2 is recommended)

This course is a study of logical reasoning, properties of polygons and circles, perimeter, area, volume and trigonometry.  Students will learn how to formulate proofs and apply concepts to solve complex applications problems.

Algebra 2 - 10th or 11th grade

Pre-Requisite: Algebra 1

This course will cover linear and quadratic equations, graphing, exponents, radicals, advance factoring, various word problems, irrational and complex numbers, rational and radical equations, introduction to trigonometry, systems of linear and non– linear equations, absolute value, and functions.  This course is a continuation of the concepts learned in Algebra 1 using more advanced problems and requiring higher abstract thinking skills.

Pre-Calculus – 11th or 12th grade

Pre-Requisite:  Algebra 1 and Algebra 2

Topics will include forms of linear functions, composite and inverse functions, systems of equations, matrices, graphs of polynomial, rational, and quadratic functions, partial functions, right triangle and circular trigonometry, Laws of Sines and  Cosines, basic trigonometric identities, exponential and logarithmic functions, and conic sections.  This course is intended for those pursing a college education and as pre-requisite for Calculus.  A grade of “C” or better in Algebra 2 is strongly recommended.

AP Calculus – 11th or 12th grade

Pre-Requisite:  Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus

Topics include limits, continuity, one-variable and implicit differentiation, related rates, optimization problems, Newton’s method, integration techniques, differentiation and integration of logarithmic and exponential function This course offers solid foundation for those pursuing a college education whose major requires Calculus at the college-level.  A grade of “C” or better in Pre-Calculus is strongly recommended.

Consumer Math

Pre-Requisite: Algebra 1

This course in not only a review of fractions, percents, measurements and algebra, but covers income, taxes, banking, loans, housing, transportation and all types of insurance.  Topic covered will have practical application for all students.


Pre-Requisite: Algebra 1

This course covers the accounting cycles for proprietorship, partnership, and corporation.  Students will learn how to do the accounting process manually and on the computer.  This course is intended for upperclassmen.  This course will not satisfy one of the math requirements for graduation.

International Math

This course is a study of forms of linear functions, systems of equations, graphs of polynomial, rational, and quadratic functions, right triangle, trigonometry, Law of Sines and Cosines, vectors, exponential, and logarithmic functions, introduction to Calculus, and probability.