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Foreign Language Courses

Junior High Languages Grades 7 & 8

This one-year Junior High course has no pre-requisite.  It covers the same material as Spanish 1 but with a variation in some activities.  There are also more mission stories which are not only enjoyable but also help the students to see God’s work in other languages and cultures around the world.

Spanish 1

This first level course has no pre-requisite. Students will learn to communicate in both written and oral Spanish. Time is spent acquiring vocabulary to communicate. Some basic grammar is learned but that is not the focus. Actions, song, writing, storytelling, games, lots of practice in pairs and use of the Spanish New Testament are some of the means used to learn the language. Emphasis is also put on becoming mission minded.

Spanish 2

Pre-Requisite: Spanish 1

In this course students build on what they learned in Spanish 1, refining and amplifying their communication skills in Spanish. Class devotions are in Spanish, some grammar topics are mastered and an emphasis is put on reading Spanish.

French 1

A first level course, no pre-requisite is required.  The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the French language through everyday situations in which they practice listening, speaking, writing, and reading French.

French 2

Pre-Requisite: French 1

A second level course.  Students must have taken French 1 or an equivalent course.  The purpose of this course is to provide students an opportunity to further study the French language, increase vocabulary and improve listening and reading comprehension.