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Home Concert

We have enjoyed the tour as we celebrated with a home concert on Sunday. Check out this surprise video for the students as we closed out the final days of tour.



Philadelphia Highlights

We've turned our faces to the west. Students are frantically working to complete homework assigned before the break as they near friends and family in Ohio for a fun-filled night.

Check out some of the festivities in Philadelphia as students performed at a few churches in the area in addition to visiting a number of sites in the area.



Boston Bouncin

Students have had a great few days hitting the sites in Boston in New York. Today students will be traveling to the Atlantic shores of New Jersey for some boardwalk time before their concert in Princeton, NJ.

Check out this brief highlight from their time in Boston.



A Few Days to Focus

The past few days have been filled with special activities as we have played for churches in Connecticut and Briar Cliff Manor, NY since the last post.

Check out some of these recent pictures of some of the good times we've been having as we have taken some time to refocus.



Connecticut Bound

Students are grabbing lunch as we're on our way to Connecticut for the start of the heart of the tour. Check out this quick highlight of the trip thus far as students have enjoyed sharing Christ and making memories together.