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Students Celebrate First Semester

Students have enjoyed a number of meaningful highlights at Hillcrest Academy. As the second semester beings students look back to the memories and friendships they've made at Hillcrest as a foundation for their continued growth at Hillcrest Academy.



Principal Isaac Shares Passion for 2nd Semester

Principal Isaac took some time to share his passion for the 2nd semester at Hillcrest Academy. Meeting the crew before 1st period, Mr. Isaac communicated some significant differences between the start of the year as a time of excitment and the 2nd half of the year as a time of deep formation and cultivation. 



Armin Jahr Speaks to Purpose of Science

Mr. Jahr has a love and appreciation for science. His classroom is challenging because it calls students to innovate rather than regurgitate the information they're interacting with. He speaks to his desire to create inquisitive students who explore the expands of science in his classroom.



Student Chapel Testimonies

Friday is a special day at Hillcrest. The student led worship time is often accompanied by a student testimony of how God is working in the lives of Hillcrest students. We encourage you to watch more student testimonies at the Campus Ministries Page.


Parent Newsletter

Hillcrest's weekly parent newsletter has the latest updates and happenings from around the campus. Read the latest news and browse the archive as you understand how Hillcrest is supporting families in preparing their students for a life of significance. 

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Student Video Blogs

Skyler Shares Significance of Hillcrest

Sklyer has attended HLA for 2 years. As a senior he has been prepared for the leadership positions he has taken in the student body. Check out his video and hear more testimonies from students who have been led to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through their time at HLA.


Astri Communicates Impact of Missions at HLA

Astri has been prepared to share her faith with others throughout her time at HLA. She recently visited a local gradeschool with a group of Hillcrest students to encourage the younger students to know and follow Jesus. Check out her testimony and other powerful words coming from her classmates at the Campus Ministries Blog

Alumni Testimonies

Taylor Isaac | Teacher's Teach to School's Mission

The Mission of Hillcrest Academy is to prepare students in a Christ-centered, Bible-based environment for a life of significance. Taylor had the chance to see staff and faculty live out this mission, which in turn prompted him to mirror Christ as seen through his mentors. 

Talya Tysver | Mentored to Live a Significant Life

After graduating from Hillcrest, Talya sought additional education at a large state university in the mid-west. She was brought in contact with many who struggled to make sense of the world. Hear how Hillcrest Academy prepared Talya for the conversations she encountered as she lives a life of significance in the secular arena.

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Photos From HLA

Life around the castle is exciting. Here are a few pictures of some current HLA events. If you'd like to see more, we invite you to view our Facebook photo gallery